Lincoln Plasma Cutting Systems

Lincoln Electric® FineLine® High Definition Plasma Cutting Systems

Now Available With Coastal Welding Supply Cutting Tables. Cut Quality Matters when you are in the steel fabrication business, and HD precision plasma cutting has never been better. Now with the introduction of the Lincoln Electric Fineline Plasma power supplies, you can achieve industry-leading cut quality with minimal secondary processing. 

The Muscle Behind Your Industrial Plasma Cutting Equipment

When it comes to maintaining a competitive automated plasma cutting operation, maximizing output and productivity is essential. Whether the material is a flat-plate, structural beam, or pipe, the FineLine High Definition Plasma Cutting System delivers excellent cut quality. If you’re planning to stay ahead of the game, you need quality cuts, a fast production rate, and a low-cost the first time, every time. You need a FineLine Plasma Cutting System from Lincoln Electric

Smallest Diameter 300A Plasma Cutting Torch in the Industry at 1.5” (38 mm)

Minimize secondary processing and maximize bevel and robotic cut capabilities with the Magnum PRO LC300M torch, the smallest diameter high definition 300A plasma torch in the industry.

UltraSharp 2.0 Goes Beyond “Bolt Hole” Quality

No complicated software is needed. When motion, gas, cut speeds, height control, and plasma current controls are all synchronized, the UltraSharp®2.0 technology minimizes process errors to help provide repeatable, high-quality cutting. This is UltraSharp 2.0 technology for all geometries, not just a selection of hole diameters and material thicknesses other competitors offer. 

Maintain Cut Quality With Longer Consumable Life

In industries where every millimeter counts, we add an extra degree of precision and quality to your cut. This results in outstanding consumable life that maintains a consistent ISO 9013* Range 3 on mild steel in production with high definition edge quality

Lincoln Electric an Industry Leader

For over 125 years, Lincoln Electric has been the world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of arc welding products, automated joining, assembly, and cutting systems, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting and has a leading global position in brazing and soldering alloys.