EPA Protocols

Coastal Specialty Gas EPA Protocols are prepared and analyzed in strict accordance with the EPA’s most current guidelines. All EPA Protocols produced are certified to +/- 1% overall uncertainty guarantee.

Coastal has the ability to deliver EPA Protocol gases on or before your promised date. Our Specialty Gas Team takes a lot of pride producing accurate, stable mixtures on time, every time.

Produced and analyzed to meet EPA standards.

EPA Protocols are prepared and analyzed in strict accordance with the EPA Traceability Protocol Assay and Certification of Gaseous Calibration Standards. This standard specifies methods for traceability to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) or other NIST-approved reference materials. The majority of EPA Protocol mixtures from Coastal Specialty Gas are certified to a +/- 1% overall uncertainty guarantee. All EPA Protocols are documented, fully conforming to the requirements of the EPA Protocol program.

You are the Customer at Coastal Specialty Gas.

Coastal Specialty Gas takes the extra steps to insure all of your requirements are met. We offer web based cylinder expiration email notifications and On- line Certificate of Analysis availability.

Everyone understands the importance of the stringent testing requirements mandated by the EPA. Expedited services are available for custom EPA mixtures. At Coastal Specialty Gas we stock a good variety of key EPA Protocol mixtures for the time constraint situations that may arise.

Coastal Specialty Gas PGVP

Coastal Specialty Gas is a proud member of the Protocol Gas Verification Program. Our company has performed among the top against all other participants in the EPA mandated independent audits and testing.

Details of the testing program results are located here:

View EPA Testing Results

Coastal Specialty Gas offers complete supply chain management, helping you specify your mixture requirements, inventory management, customizing On-Line ordering through our AIM Program and logistical solutions for remote testing requirements.