Commercial & Industrial Use

The Most Popular Commercial And Industrial Uses For Dry Ice

» Dry Ice Blasting: This cleaning method is an incredibly effective and eco-friendly way of cleaning manufacturing and industrial equipment without needing to take it apart and put it back together again. Dry ice blasting is gentle but also thorough, making it popular for businesses in a wide variety of industries. It can also easily remove residues such as oil, paint, ink, mold, and anything else you can imagine.

» Metal Fabrication: Dry ice is particularly useful for chilling metal to frigid temperatures and shrinking it to create a tight fit.

» Meat Processing: The meat processing industry often uses dry ice to rapidly cool meat after it has been processed and prepare it for the shipping process. » Concrete Cooling: Asphalt and concrete need rapid cooling when deadlines are tight. Dry ice is frequently used to cool down both very quickly.

» Shipping: This commercial use for dry ice is also a consumer use since dry ice is used to ship goods to eager consumers around the world. Dry ice can ship everything from food to medical products and other perishables.

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