Fuel Gases

Acetylene – Predominantly used for oxy-fuel cutting and brazing applications, acetylene offers the hottest flame temperature of all commercially available fuel gases. Coastal offers acetylene in cylinders from 10cf to 400cf and in is available in custom cylinder packages to best fit your application.

Propylene – The dominant alternate fuel gas widely used in the U.S heavy metal fabrication and demolition industry. Coastal provides Propylene in a variety of cylinder sizes as well as bulk onsite tanks for fab shop applications as well as offshore racks and oxy-fuel packages. Cylinder sizes range from 10 to 435 pounds. Coastal also has available bulk storage tanks ranging from 1,000 and 2,000 gallon horizontal tanks to 1,900 to 3,990 gallon vertical tanks.

Propane – Propane is a safe, cost-effective and clean fuel used in metal cutting and as an engine fuel used primarily in fork lifts and small engines.

Forklift Service -to power your forklifts. Coastal offers both on-site cylinder filling and a cylinder exchange program.

Bulk Service & Installation – Bulk installations can be extremely cost-effective by optimizing storage space and reducing your cylinder handling. Coastal can customize an installation that best fits your requirements. Coastal can provide the state required steps involved with bulk installations such as site surveys and detailed site plans. Coastal has available a wide variety of bulk tanks ranging from horizontal 500 & 1000 gallon tanks as well as vertical 1990 & 3990 gallon tanks.