Gas Packages

Coastal Welding Supply provides industrial gas packages that equip your company with the very best products in the correct package for your application. Our experienced Sales Team will work with you on ensuring that you have the right package to get the job done in the most cost effective and timely fashion.

High-pressure Cylinders

  • Ideal for inert and oxidizing gases, high purity carrier gases and calibration standards

Low-pressure Cylinders

Self Contained Cylinder Clusters


  • Ideal for high volume, portable, gas and liquid supplies of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide.

Offshore Skids (Clusters of high-pressure cylinders on CD by a manifold)

  • Used when high pressures and high volumes are needed for Offshore applications.
  • Used in argon, helium, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen
  • Ideal for on & off shore demolition and fabrication applications.

Tube Trailers

  • For high-volume and high-pressure applications
  • Ideal for helium, hydrogen,  and nitrogen
  • Applications include high pressure purge jobs and pressure testing

Portable and Stationery Bulk Systems

  • Ideal for large-volume needs
  • Available in 500 and 15,000 gallons
  • Used for argon, oxygen, and nitrogen