Consumer Use

Dry Ice is available at many of our Coastal locations! To check the availability in your area, please contact your local Coastal Welding Supply store. Click the “Find Us” at the bottom of the page for a location near you.

The Most Popular Consumer Uses for Dry Ice

Food and Drinks: Dry ice is the best way to freeze food and carbonate beverages quickly. Dry ice is also a creative and unique way to make ice cream with a twist.

Emergencies: One of the most useful ways to utilize dry ice is when the power goes out. Dry ice can keep items from a refrigerator or freezer ice cold for up to 3 days in the proper cooler!

Picnics and Camping: Dry ice doesn’t just keep things cold when it’s an emergency, it also does a remarkable job keeping picnic and camping foods chilled until you’re ready to eat. Anything from ice cream to lunch meat can stay cold thanks to dry ice.

Halloween: Do you want to have an extra-spooky Halloween this year? Put some dry ice into a cauldron or other metal container and add some hot water for a scary smoke that will float all over the front yard.

Dry Ice Blasting: This cleaning method is an incredibly effective and eco-friendly way of cleaning manufacturing and industrial equipment without needing to take it apart and put it back together again. Dry ice blasting is gentle but also thorough. It can also easily remove residues such as oil, paint, ink, mold, and anything else you can imagine.