Chemical Formula: C3H6 Description: Propylene is majorly used in the petrochemical industry and is the raw material for a wide variety of products. … [Read more...]

Nitrous Oxide

Chemical Formula: N2O Description: Nitrous oxide is composed of nitrogen and oxygen atoms. More pure oxygen is present in nitrous oxide than air. This allows nitrous oxide to generate more heat when combined with a fuel substance than air. … [Read more...]


Chemical Formula: C3H8 Description: Propane is used widely as an industrial fuel, and is easily replenishable. Propane is generally used to fuel heat producing appliances. … [Read more...]


Symbol: O Description: Oxygen makes up approximately 21% of our atmosphere. Oxygen is used in oxy-fuel welding to combine with the fuel chemical to produce heat. … [Read more...]


Symbol: N Description: Nitrogen makes up roughly 78% of our atmosphere. Nitrogen is generally inert which makes it applicable as a protective shield in many types of welding and soldering. … [Read more...]


Chemical Formula: CH4 Description: Methane is composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, and is the simplest alkane. Methane is the main component of natural gas and liquified natural gas. It is also used in the production of organic chemicals. … [Read more...]


Chemical Formula: C4H10 Description: Isobutane, also known as methylpropane, is an isomer of butane. This means that it shares the same chemical formula as butane, but is structured differently. Isobutane is widely used as a refrigerant, as well as a feedstock in the petrochemical industry. … [Read more...]


Symbol: H Description: Hydrogen is used in atomic hydrogen welding, also known as arc atom welding. This was the primary method of welding before the introduction of acetylene as a shielding gas. … [Read more...]


Symbol: He Description: Helium is one of the noble gases. Helium is used in welding for shielding, as it is an inert gas. An inert gas is one that has a full outer shell of electrons, which generally prevents it from reacting with other substances. … [Read more...]


Chemical Formula: C2H4 Description: Ethylene is majorly used in the production of polyethylene. Ethylene is composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms and is the simplest alkene. … [Read more...]