Chemical Formula: C2H6 Description: Ethane is a gas composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, and is majorly used in the production of ethene. Ethane can also be used as a fuel source and as a refrigerant in cryogenic fuel systems. … [Read more...]

Carbon Monoxide

Chemical Formula: CO Description: Carbon monoxide is composed of carbon and oxygen, and is dangerous due to its toxicity. It is widely used for industrial purposes as a fuel. Carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable by the senses of of sight, smell, and taste. … [Read more...]

Carbon Dioxide

Chemical Formula: CO2 Description: Carbon dioxide is composed of carbon and oxygen molecules, and occurs naturally. One of its most popular uses is carbonating water to make soda. … [Read more...]


Chemical Formula: C4H10 Description: Butane is a gas made up of carbon and hydrogen. Butane is highly flammable and easy to convert to a liquid. One common use of butane is in cigarette lighters. Butane can be combined with propane to make liquid petroleum gas. … [Read more...]


Chemical Formula: NH3 Description: Ammonia gas piping is often used for cold storage applications and works on the same concepts as frion. Ammonia has a corrosive nature, so it is important to check ammonia piping often for leaks. Because of the distinct odor that is emitted, ammonia leaks are usually detected by smell. … [Read more...]


Symbol: Ar Description: Argon is an inert gas, which is a gas with a full outer shell of electrons. Inert gases generally do not react with other substances, which make them ideal for shielding. Argon is used in both M.I.G. welding and T.I.G. welding, as both require the use of inert gases for shielding. … [Read more...]


Air is often thought to be the same thing as oxygen, however, this is not correct. Air is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and various other gases, and is what we breathe everyday. … [Read more...]


Chemical Formula: C2H2 Description: Acetylene is generally the top choice of fuels for cutting and welding. Acetylene is composed of two carbon and two hydrogen atoms, and is the simplest alkyne. … [Read more...]